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Video Gallery

A Night with The Prophet (PBUH) Series

Reflections on An-Nawawi’s 40 by Ustaz Muhammed Faheem bin Abdul Khalil Al-Hafiz.

Imam An-Nawawi sees these Ahadith as the foundation and main essentials in Islam. Join us in understanding the inheritance left by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and unfolding lessons for the Muslims of today. InsyaAllah.

Siri Kuliah Asas Fardhu 'Ain

Wudhu Dahulu, Solat Kemudian bersama Ustaz Muhammad Syafi Bin Abdul Latif.

Sinopsis Kursus:

– Memahami rukun Islam & Iman

– Taharah (Bersuci dari hadas kecil & besar dalam ‘Ibadah)

The Kahfi Hour Series

THE KAHFI HOUR – TAZKIRAH is a brief Tafseer lecture series on Surah Al-Kahfi where it unfolds hidden lessons and gems from this beautiful surah.

Videos updated every Friday, 12 pm S.G.T, once every two weeks.

Upgrade Ibadah Series

Yes, we are always busy. We are busy with our job, school, family, friends and the list goes on. So when do we have our time for our Creator? We need to find time to strengthen our relationship with Allah, our Creator, the One that matters the most, the One who we dedicate all our ibadah to.

The objective of this Upgrade Ibadah series is to guide us in our journey to Allah. We utilize our time so that we are constantly upgrading our ibadah through our daily routine. So let’s begin!